Gourmet-Med | Cooking with olive oil: the good news
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Cooking with olive oil: the good news

19 Mar Cooking with olive oil: the good news

Lots of Chefs have been using cut-rate olive oil in their kitchen, underestimating the benefits of cooking with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. They have been using bad oil for so long, they don’t know what a good oil taste like. The myth that you should not cook with olive oil is very persistent.

Many of our customers ask if they can use olive oil for cooking. The answer is yes, as long as you don’t reach the smoking point between 350 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
Extra virgin olive oil contains 73% of monounsaturated fat which are actually very resistant to heat.

Olive oil does’t only survive heat as long you don’t go too high, but it also release flavors, and its high content of antioxidant and vitamin E will protect the oil from damaging during cooking.
The higher the content in antioxidants, the better to use it for cooking. it will actually oxidize much less during cooking than vegetable oil like sunflower oil.

That is why we only recommend a good quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, wether you use cold or for cooking.



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